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      Internships, working student jobs and theses

      The time spent at college is one of the most informative and valuable of all. We give students confidence and responsibility at an early stage as part of an internship, a working student role, or when writing a final thesis so that you can apply your knowledge in practice during your degree program.

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      During an internship lasting several months, students work full-time for the company. The focus of the internship is on the learning effect for students in the context of career orientation. Interns are directly integrated into our work structures and perform a variety of tasks and exciting challenges within our international project teams. This gives them authentic insights into their work and enables them to acquire valuable key competencies. After completing the internship, interns often leave Continental with a large network or entry opportunities.

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      Academic Work with Practical Relevance


      At Continental, an internship can also be combined with the writing of an empirical thesis. The topic of the thesis is often the result of a previous internship and has been coordinated with the respective department. However, the job portal also contains explicit job offers for theses with suggested topics. In this way, academic work and paid part-time employment can be successfully combined.

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      Working Student Roles

      Working students are employed part-time by the company and support the respective department in its day-to-day operations. Working student positions may differ both in terms of work content and working time. However, the maximum working time during semesters may not exceed 20 hours per week. Outside of semesters, students may work up to 40 hours per week. This represents a lucrative side income governed by collective bargaining agreements. Here, too, students gain experience that pays off over the course of their careers.

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      Ready for Continental

      Master Industry 4.0: in this study program, you will complete a master’s degree in IT Technologies and Manufacturing in cooperation with the University of Žilina in Slovakia.

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      Makers Garage

      Make it happen: with the Continental Makers Garage, we support interns and student trainees in Hanover, Hamburg, and Querétaro, Mexico, in developing business models, dynamic prototyping, and much more.

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