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      Continental historic companybuilding
      Our History


      Since it was founded in 1871, Continental has developed into one of the world’s leading technology companies. In its early days, Continental produced parts made of soft rubber, such as hoof buffers for horses. From the outset, the strategic focus has always been on diversity and innovation. Shortly after its foundation, the company manufactured more than 60,000 items – from the initial hoof guard and hard rubber parts for various applications to rubberized fabrics for airplanes, airships and hot air balloons. Early on, Continental brought numerous innovations to the market, such as pneumatic tires for bicycles in 1892 and tread tires for cars in 1904. As a result, Continental has become known worldwide in the past century. Today, we are one of the world’s key suppliers for mobility. With the experience we have gained over 150 years and our expertise across the company, we will continue to set the technological benchmark and play a leading role in shaping the transformation in the automotive industry.

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