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      Corporate Culture & Values

      A corporate culture outlines what a company stands for. It indicates the values and standards used to guide decisions within the organization and defines how leadership is interpreted.

      At Continental, we cultivate a culture of beliefs based on four corporate values. We do this because we believe that it allows a working atmosphere of mutual appreciation with room for maneuver and personal responsibility to flourish. Find out more about our idealistic roots here.

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      Our Values

      We earn the trust we give.

      Trust is the guarantor of honest and self-confident actions as well as constructive cooperation. We trust in ourselves and also treat colleagues, business partners, and stakeholders with trust.

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      We attain top value with a spirit for one another.

      Togetherness is the multiplier that translates individual skills and experience into collective solutions and innovations. We pool our strengths around the world and draw on the diversity of our workforce as a source of inspiration and creativity.

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      We grow with freedom and its responsibility.

      Freedom is the umbrella under which every action and every new idea is cultivated. We blossom within our creative freedom, take our personal responsibility seriously, and thus benefit together from our organizational independence.

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      We have the passion to win.

      A winning mindset is the fuel that drives us to peak performance. We want to be the best at what we do. This is why we create sustainable value for the transport revolution, the well-being of our planet, and our society.

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      We Are Diverse and Show Our True Colors.


      It is the small and larger differences that enable us as a team to achieve ever greater heights. We are grateful for our diversity and protect it.

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      What other values are important to us

      Apart from our four core corporate values, we attach great importance to attractive working conditions for our employees, sustainable use of resources and take our social responsibility seriously.

      The Basis for Progress

      Feedback Culture

      We are grateful for the honest and constructive feedback from our employees in their day-to-day work and in appraisals. This is the only way for our employees to develop professionally and personally, and for Continental, as an employer, to count the world’s best talents among its employees on a long-term basis. With OUR BASICS, we regularly ask employees how we can make their work even more enjoyable and efficient. We also welcome any form of feedback on external rating portals.

      From Ingenuity to Innovation

      Continental Ideas Management

      The potential for innovation and improvement lies in our colleagues. Since 1930, we have maintained structured and easy-to-use management processes for improvement suggestions and ideas, thereby ensuring our innovative strength and competitiveness via Continental Ideas Management. Every year, several hundred thousand proposals are received, the majority of which are implemented, saving hundreds of millions of euros. With the digital knowledge management system Contivation, we also promote dialog on ideas across national and divisional borders.