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      Conti EfficientPro Gen 3+: Optimized Rolling Resistance for the Original Equipment Sector

      The Conti EfficientPro Gen 3+ is Continental’s new and improved version of its long-distance tire, which is especially known in the original equipment business for trucks. The focus of further development was on minimizing rolling resistance and, in turn, the fuel consumption and CO2 emissions generated during freight transport. Compared with its predecessor model, the declared rolling resistance of the Conti EfficientPro Gen 3+ for the steering and drive axle in dimension 315/70 R 22.5 is around 9 percent lower.

      In dimension 385/55 R 22.5, which is designed for the steering axle, the tire has around 7 percent less rolling resistance compared to the declared value of its predecessor. These improvements were achieved thanks to new rubber compounds for tire components such as the treads and by modifying the belt to reduce deformation in the area of the tread contact and, in turn, rolling resistance.

      “We have upgraded the Conti EfficientPro Gen3+ in specific ways so that our customers can further reduce the fuel consumption and, in turn, CO2 emissions of their fleets,” says Kreipe.

      Internal VECTO calculations – a standardized method for calculating vehicle energy consumption – revealed that in a medium-sized fleet comprising 500 vehicle units, each covering an average of 120,000 kilometers per year, the Conti EfficientPro Gen3+ could save up to 465 metric tons of CO2 emissions and cut fuel costs by around €300,000 annually compared with its predecessor.