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      Continental Contidrom

      The Contidrom proving ground is an example of Continental’s strong commitment to maximum driving safety on the road. The diverse test procedures reflect the company’s comprehensive efforts to develop and produce tires that are increasingly environmentally friendly.
      Download Footage "Continental Annual Press Conference 2024 Footage"

      MK C2 Brake Systems

      The second-generation brake-by-wire system: production line MK C2 brake system at the Continental plant in Frankfurt.
      Download Footage "Production MK C2 brake systems"

      Intelligent Antenna Module | 5G Technology

      Through the cooperation between Kathrein Automotive, an antennas specialist acquired by Continental in 2019, and Continental’s developers from the fields of connectivity and broadcast, it was possible to develop a highly integrated and intelligent antenna module, which is unique and forward-looking in the market thanks to its scalability and functional scope. The core of the Hybrid V2X Platform, on which the antenna module is based, originates from Continental’s self-developed NAD (Network Access Device). The platform can be integrated into both a 4.5G as well as a 5G version in the current products.
      Download Footage: Intelligent antenna modul with 5G technology

      Industry 4.0 | Production

      Industry 4.0 production at Continental location in Regensburg.
      Download Footage: Industry 4.0 at Continental in Regensburg

      Automated Driving | Cruising Chauffeur

      With the Cruising Chauffeur, Continental offers an assistance system for highway and secondary roads that supports the driver on longer distances and allows the driver to relax during daily commute.
      Download Footage: Cruising Chauffeur


      Cruising Chauffeur | Lower Saxony

      Continental engineers are also testing their test vehicles on autobahns in Lower Saxony. The developers test the systems of the test vehicles under real traffic conditions on Germany's autobahns. The prototypes are always monitored and operated by a development expert in the driver's seat.
      Download Footage: Cruising Chauffeur - Lower Saxony

      Production Continental Ingolstadt

      Production at the Continental plant in Ingolstadt. e.g. production of circuit boards for surround view systems.
      Download Footage: Production at the Continental plant in Ingolstadt 

      Tires Production

      Tires production at Continental location in Korbach. 
      Download Footage: Tires production at Continental in Korbach 


      Bicycle Tire in Dandelion Rubber | Production

      The Urban Taraxagum is the first volume-built bicycle tire made from dandelion rubber grown and produced in Germany.
      Download footage bicycle tire made from dandelion rubber

      Holistic Connectivity

      Connected systems, solutions and services will determine the user experience of the future.
      Download Footage: Holistic Connectivity

      OTA Key

      When the smartphone turns into a key.
      Download Footage: OTA Key Remote Cloud


      Drone flight Continental Headquarters


      Ali Parvanta

      Spokesperson Innovation & Technology

      Continental AG

      Nigel Treblin

      Manager Visual Communications