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      Our Range of Jobs

      Discover Our Functions and Roles.

      The world of Continental is big and the fields of employment diverse. We are always on the lookout for talented and ambitious new colleagues, especially for certain job profiles. Is your dream job listed?

      Software Engineering

      In a dynamic working environment, our Software Engineering teams develop innovative software solutions for the mobility of tomorrow. Take machine learning, software design, and sensor technologies to the next level.

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      Cross-Discipline System Engineering

      Before technological innovations can work smoothly, a clear understanding of the requirements and straightforward system integration are required. Celebrate interdisciplinary successes with colleagues from Cross-Discipline System Engineering.

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      When ideas and concepts become tangible products and solutions. Every day, our operators produce countless results that mean comfort and safety for our customers. Always efficient, sustainable, and healthy. Do you want to lend a hand?

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      We owe our market position and the trust our customers place in us above all to our colleagues who ensure that each of our products meets the highest possible quality standards. As a quality engineer, process control, risk management, quality control, and, of course, optimization are all part of your day-to-day business.

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      The employees in our sales teams are tasked with understanding the needs of our customers and offering the right product solution for their individual requirements. The focus here is also on the optimization of sales strategies and processes. Increase sales and customer satisfaction.

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      The foundation of almost all of our value chains is ensured by the work of our IT experts. They optimize data flows, increase cybersecurity, and are on hand when IT challenges suddenly arise. Which coding language do you speak?

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