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      Our Brand

      Our brand is our way of showing what is behind our products and solutions: our culture, the way we do things, and what we stand for.

      In a dynamic world that is changing in complex ways, there are  always new challenges to face. How do we provide people with safe, clean, and efficient mobility? How can we avoid accidents and lower emissions? How do we address the increasing digitalization and connectivity of our world? How do we make mobility accessible to everyone? And how do we inspire our employees and potential employees?

      The foundation for overcoming these challenges is a strong brand. After all, our brand is much more than just a logo – “Branding follows strategy.” Our brand is our way of showing what is behind our products and solutions: our culture, the way we do things, and what we stand for. The Continental brand is oriented towards the future – with over 150 years of history, structure, character, and personality, not to mention an unmistakable design.

      We invite you to get to know the Continental brand. What it represents and what it stands for. And how we deliver on our brand promise: The Future in Motion.

      Our Brand and Us

      Our brand has its own personality with distinctive characteristics. They influence how the brand is perceived from both the outside and the inside and reinforce our behavior. 

      Our thinking is trendsetting and innovative. Our conduct dynamic and flexible. And we have a passion for what we do.

      The way we think

      The way we feel

      The way we act


      Living our brand

      Field of action

      Continental believes in the future of individual motion as a fundamental human need. We shape the future of this individual freedom of motion worldwide by contributing to its viability, thereby improving the quality of people’s lives.

      What we do – and how we do it

      We are proactive and reliable. We provide customers and business partners with the widest variety of intelligent, innovative, and efficient technologies for automotive and industrial applications, as well as for the replacement market. We make mobility safer, cleaner, more comfortable, and more accessible.

      Benefits for society

      Our solutions enable people to enrich their lives through movement and maintaining a sustainable lifestyle.

      The Future in Motion

      Our tagline describes our position in one concise sentence and brings you directly to the point. We are globally shaping the future of this individual freedom by helping to make it a reality, thus improving people’s quality of life. Our tagline puts our vision, our drive, our values, our behavior, and our standards in one concentrated and emotional expression. This is crucial, because people move when they are moved. So it seems natural that our guiding theme can only be: The Future in Motion.

      Continental Brand Portal

      Our Brand Portal contains comprehensive information on corporate design and its application in various analog and digital media, as well as a variety of useful downloads and templates.

      Continental Brand Portal