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      A Sabbatical with Continental

      A sabbatical or sabbatical year is a career break during which employees are released from their activities and responsibilities for an agreed period of time. During the sabbatical, employees are free to decide how they use this free time. The reasons and motivations for taking time out from work vary widely. Many people use it to realize previously unfulfilled dreams, such as a larger trip, whereas others continue their education or care for family members. After the sabbatical, the employees can easily return to their old position.

      Can All Employees Take a Sabbatical?

      In principle, all of our permanent employees have the opportunity to take a career break. This is because the desire to do so has nothing to do with the work performed and arises from the personal circumstances of our employees. In this context, an open dialog with the employee’s manager in advance is crucial in order to be able to make the appropriate preparations for the sabbatical in good time.

      How Does a Sabbatical Work at Continental?

      Once employees have discussed their wish to take a sabbatical with their manager and the HR department, the so-called “savings phase” begins. During this period, employees will continue to work their contractually agreed hours at a reduced salary. They then receive the sabbatical salary they have saved during the subsequent leisure period – i.e., the sabbatical. In this way, colleagues enjoy the benefit of a continuing employment relationship, including ongoing social security contributions.

      Enjoy the Same Job Security. While Gaining New Freedoms.

      During his sabbatical, the Head of Quality Analysis, Dr. Christopher Schierholz, supported a nonprofit organization in Tanzania for several months and then completed his experience with a trip across the continent.

      Please note that not all mentioned benefits may be available in all countries.