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      A young man in a black polo shirt and safety goggles standing in a laboratory and using a spoon to lift a brown substance out of a glass

      Material Development

      ContiTech is a leading supplier of material-driven solutions with more than 150 years of experience and a global presence. The division leverages its unique materials expertise to develop, manufacture, and market solutions made from rubber, polyamide, metal, textiles, engineering component assemblies, electronic components, and various combinations of these materials. The vision and goal is to be the first choice for material-based solutions.  At the same time, ContiTech is driving forward the ongoing transformation of the economy into a healthy ecosystem for sustainable mobility and industry with its sustainability framework

      Multifaceted Materials, Multiple Applications

      The solutions developed here already create added value in many industries: new materials are used in road transport, on railroads, in the air, below and above ground, in industry, in the food sector, and in the furniture industry. Regardless of which material is used or which customers are being served, the main task is to connect, transport, and cover: ContiTech combines various technical components, transports raw materials safely and efficiently, and covers the surfaces of houses or vehicle interiors.  

      For Customized and Innovative Formulas

      Whether materials developers, mixers, process developers, chemists, product developers, laboratory technicians, or textile engineers – Continental offers all roles and responsibilities related to the materials development of plastics, rubber, and polymers for its products. In this area, it is important to define tailor-made formulas in tandem with customers and develop them in such a way that they can then be produced to high quality standards. The prerequisites for this highly technical field lie in a broad knowledge of chemistry, process engineering, materials development, textile technology, or similar disciplines, combined with a clear understanding of the processes and challenges of an industrial setting.