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      Managers' Transactions Pursuant to Section 19 of the EU Market Abuse Act

      Persons discharging managerial responsibilities ("managers") (i.e. in particular members of the Executive Board and the Supervisory Board) are obliged to fulfill the notification and reporting obligation set out in the Market Abuse Regulation, effective since July 3, 2016. The notification and reporting obligation also applies to persons that are closely associated with the managers which includes the spouse or partner considered equivalent to a spouse, dependant children and relatives who have shared the same household with the manager for at least one year on the date of the transaction concerned. Furthermore legal persons, trusts or partnerships are also deemed to be closely associated with a manager if, inter alia, the manager holds a management position or (direct or indirect) control.  

      The notification and reporting obligation relates to all transactions with financial instruments of Continental AG (i.e. shares or debt securities) as well as derivatives in relation to the financial instruments of Continental AG, however, only if the overall volume of all transactions within one calendar year exceeds EUR 20,000. When calculating the overall volume, each transaction is to be accounted for separately.

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