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      Operating: bringing our technologies to the streets

      Production is at the heart of Continental and the place where we create tangible value. Every day, our dedicated employees in the area of production technology ensure that we deliver the best quality at the right time while operating efficiently, sustainably, and safely.

      In addition to the Continental’s well-known tires, our product range also includes innovative plastic and software components. In order to optimize production processes and increase efficiency, we focus on continuous improvement and automation in production. 

      Work on astonishing car improvements everyone will love? You can at Continental. 

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      Our employees in production technology have a distinct hands-on mentality and are highly flexible and resilient. There are numerous fields of deployment, such as production planning, process optimization, quality management, process development, lean management, and production technology. You’re interested in working as shift manager, maintenance engineer, or occupational safety and environmental expert? We’ve got you covered.

      Learn more from our colleagues:

      Ekrem’s career journey: from a temporary worker to a line leader 

      “Thanks to Continental, I was able to develop from a temporary worker to a line leader.” When Ekrem started at Continental in 2017 in the production he didn’t know that he would become a line leader only a few years later. Thanks to further education and training from Continental, Ekrem is now responsible for quality control, process monitoring and optimization as well as maintenance of the machinery. What’s more, demonstrations in front of customers as well as staffing belong to his everyday work life.

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      Julian’s path: where self-driven initiative meets team spirit

      “At Continental, I can work independently and at the same time, we have a great team spirit. In this way, I am able to improve myself constantly.” Since Julian could experience a first glimpse into the world of Continental he knew that this is where he wants to start his career. During an internship, Julian quickly gained more and more responsibility and successfully continued as an Electronics Technician apprentice in the field of Automation Technology. Today, Julian works as a hardware supervisor in our tires production, driving customer projects worldwide – incl. installation and upgrading of various machines. 

      What Julian loves most about his job? The freedom in his work and the variety of tasks.

      Meet Andy: team work, responsibility and development

      Transitioning into the field of drive systems in material preparation, Andy embarked on an unconventional journey in 2013, starting with an apprenticeship as a chimney and tiled stove builder. Five years down the line, his dedication and performance led to be appointed as a shift supervisor and elected as a trusted representative. Since then, Andy has been actively involved in experimenting with new blends alongside engineers. Thanks to further internal training, Andy is now a certified process mechanic for plastics and rubber and he’s looking forward to pursuing the next milestone: attending the master school.  

      How he describes work life at Continental in three words? Team Work, Responsibility and Development. 

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      Team Spirit 

      Work alongside people who are like family and will help each other out when needed.

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      You deserve to be healthy and happy. Enjoy a workplace that prioritizes your health and safety.

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