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      A man handles a rubber in a production hall


      Experts on the Implementation of our Technologies

      Production is at the heart of Continental and the place where we create value. Every day, our dedicated employees in the area of production technology ensure that we deliver the best quality at the right time while operating efficiently, sustainably, and safely.

      As diverse as our product range

      In addition to the company’s well-known tires, Continental’s product range also includes innovative plastic and software components. In order to optimize production processes and increase efficiency, we focus on continuous improvement and automation in production. It is crucial to us to guarantee sustainable production and observe occupational safety and environmental protection.

      Hands-on in every area

      Our employees in production technology have a distinct hands-on mentality and are highly flexible and resilient. There are numerous fields of deployment, such as production planning, process optimization, quality management, process development, lean management, and production technology. Shift managers, maintenance engineers, and occupational safety and environmental experts also find interesting jobs with us.