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      Financing Strategy

      Maturity of Bonds

      Continental always strives for a balanced maturity profile of its liabilities in order to be able to repay the amounts due each year from free cash flow as far as possible.

      Gross indebtedness amounted to €7,170.3 million as at December 31, 2023. Key financing instruments are the syndicated loan with a revolving credit line of €4.0 billion that has been granted until December 2026, and bonds issued on the capital market. 

      The following table shows all outstanding bonds and maturities. 

      WKN/ISINCoupon p.a.MaturitiyVolume in EuroIssue PricePrice at as Dec. 31,2023Price at as Dec. 31,2022
      A28YEC/XS21936575611.125%September 25, 2024625,000,00099.589%98.016%96.018%
      A2YPAE/XS20564308740.375%June 27, 2025600,000,00099.802%96.117%92.549%
      A28XTR/XS21785861572.500%August 27, 2026750,000,00098.791%98.922%95.896%
      A35138/XS26724522374.000%March 1, 2027500,000,00099.658%102.347%issued in 2023
      A30VQ4/XS25589724153.625%November 30, 2027625,000,000100.000%101.708%97.187%
      A351PU/XS26301173284.000%June 1, 2028750,000,00099.445%103.346%issued in 2023