Continental Group

  • Group Functions

    • Continental Business Consulting
    • Continental Business Systems
    • co-pace
    • Group Functions

Automotive Technologies

  • Autonomous Mobility and Safety


    • Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS)
    • Hydraulic Brake Systems (HBS)
    • Passive Safety and Sensorics (PSS)
    • Vehicle Dynamics (VED)

  • Vehicle Networking and Information


    • Commercial Vehicles and Services (CVS)
    • Connected Car Networking (CCN)
    • Human Machine Interface (HMI)

Rubber Technologies

  • Tires


    • Commercial Vehicle Tires
    • Passenger and Light Truck Tire Original Equipment
    • Passenger and Light Truck Tire Replacement Business EMEA
    • Passenger and Light Truck Tire Replacement Business The Americas
    • Passenger and Light Truck Tire Replacement Business APAC
    • Two Wheel Tires

  • ContiTech


    • Air Spring Systems
    • Conveying Solutions
    • Industrial Fluid Solutions
    • Mobile Fluid Systems
    • Power Transmission Group
    • Surface Solutions
    • Vibration Control

Powertrain Technologies

  • Vitesco Technologies*

    * vorher Division Powertrain


    • Electronic Controls (EC)
    • Electrification Technology (ET)
    • Sensing and Actuation (S&A)