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      Finished With Secondary School?

      Then it’s time to unleash your talent!

      Discover your talents and develop your interests. At Continental you’ll find exciting opportunities to apply your personal strengths and abilities in an international technological environment. The wide range of apprenticeship and cooperative degree programs offered at many of our locations across the globe are the best way to launch your career with us. Because at Continental, job requirements are becoming increasingly specialized – throughout the Corporation and in the production sector in particular. We have customized IT systems and manufacturing processes that standard university or school programs cannot teach you enough about.

      With this in mind, we offer many different programs worldwide that are based on a dual-education model – the theoretical elements are taught at universities or trade schools, while you also gain practical work experience at Continental.

      In 2011/2012, we introduced an apprenticeship program in Romania modelled on the German system. In cooperation with the Romanian government, pilot schools were launched in Carei, Sibiu and Timișoara. More than 300 Continental apprentices have already completed these programs. More information in Romanian language you can find on our Romanian website.

      In Camaçari (Brazil), from 2015 to 2017 more than 200 apprentices participated in a dual vocational training program. In close cooperation with the SENAI CIMATEC Manufacturing and Technology Integrated Campus in Salvador, the apprentices were able to build their knowledge of production and engineering.

      In Rayong (Thailand), vocational education takes place at two academic levels – one aimed at trade-school students, the other at Master’s students. The two-year WiL (work-integrated learning) apprenticeship program is designed to train qualified and motivated employees to work in production or as industrial engineers or energy engineering managers.

      Looking at Continental as a whole, in 2017 more than 3,000 apprentices and dual students started their dual vocational training program with us.

      At Continental, vocational training is not limited to a specific segment or a specific location, but is a globally networked, corporation-wide initiative. We leverage synergies, share best practices, and develop overarching standards for vocational education – so we can train the skilled professionals of tomorrow in accordance with our own expectations and needs.

      Further information on the opportunities available at our locations in Germany can be found here in German. If you have any questions about other options for secondary school graduates at our other locations around the world, please use our contact form.