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      IT & Software Apprenticeship and Dual Study Programs

      Do you want to do an IT apprenticeship? But perhaps a dual study program in business informatics is also your thing? Whether you’re a geek or a full-time nerd, your interest in algorithms, programming languages, software systems, and technology is what matters to us. We will show you which apprenticeships or dual study programs are open to you in the areas of IT, software, and programming. Click your way to a great career – apply now!

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      Our Dual Study Programs in the Field of IT and Software

      Thrilled at the prospect of a joint development project? During your dual study program in IT and software at Continental, you will learn about programming languages and software systems as well as project management within our company and work as part of a team on various projects. Discover our dual study programs for IT and software – from applied computer science and IT security through to artificial intelligence and data science.

      All Apprenticeship and Dual Study Program Vacancies

      Job Portal

      You know where your journey is headed? Visit our job portal, find the right apprenticeship, and apply today. We look forward to hearing from you.

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