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      ContiConnect 2.0

      Digital Solutions for Integrated and Fleet-Specific Tire Management

      With ContiConnect 2.0, Continental also showcases the latest generation of its comprehensive tire management system at the IAA Transportation 2022. Thanks to continuous digital condition monitoring, the system ensures that tires always perform at their best. This saves fuel, cuts CO2 emissions and prevents unscheduled tire changes and workshop visits, avoiding all the costly vehicle downtime that these entail. Customers who implement ContiConnect 2.0 benefit from a more efficient fleet, reduced costs and significant time savings because tire maintenance can be planned well in advance and performed as and when needed.

      In addition to monitoring tire pressure and temperature in real time, fleet managers will also be able to keep an eye on the mileage, tread depth and, in turn, the overall condition of each individual tire in their fleet. With ContiConnect 2.0, Continental offers its customers a range of tailored solutions that make fleet management even more efficient, simple and sustainable.

      At the heart of ContiConnect’s functionalities is the tire sensor – and at the trade show, the premium tire manufacturer will be showcasing its latest-generation sensor, which is capable of measuring pressure, temperature and mileage from inside the tire. Depending on the application, it transfers data over a specific radio frequency or via the Bluetooth protocol. Continental’s specially developed app, which is available for all standard smartphone operating systems, also enables data-driven tire inspections and allows data to be read on-site.

      Smarten up Your Fleet

      ContiConnect 2.0 is a modern digital tire management system for fleet operators that makes it easier to monitor the condition of the tyres on their vehicles: Pressure and temperature are recorded by sensors inside the tyres and transferred in real time to a Continental cloud, where they are continuously analysed. Click here for more details about  ContiConnect™