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      Sustainability ambition

      Sustainability ambition

      Sustainability is anchored in the foundation of our values and is vital to our vision of “Creating value for a better tomorrow”. This is the basis we work on, guiding our company and taking us into the future.

      Continental is convinced that sustainable and responsible business increases our ability to innovate and meet the future – adding value to the company. This is why sustainability is firmly integrated in our corporate strategy, as part of the pillar “turning change into opportunity”.

      In a systematic process that included market analyses, customer discussions and a stakeholder survey, a new framework was defined in 2020. At the heart of this is our sustainability ambition. It defines our four strong focus areas and our eight sustainability essentials. The ambition also describes how we want to shape the transformation in the relevant areas with respect to sustainability in order to seize opportunities and mitigate risks.

      Focus areas

      In our four focus areas of sustainability, we are committed to our strong, visionary ambitions, which we want to achieve by 2050 at the latest, together with our partners along the value chain:

      100% carbon neutrality

      100% emission-free mobility and industry

      100% circular economy

      100% responsible value chains

      Eight sustainability essentials

      Our eight sustainability essentials additionally represent the backbone of our sustainability management

      • Good working conditions
      • Green and safe factories
      • Innovations and digitalization
      • Benchmark in quality
      • Safe mobility
      • Long-term value creation
      • Sustainable management practice
      • Corporate citizenship

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      Our ambition, together with its four focus areas and eight essentials, form the guiding principles of the transformation toward a healthy ecosystem for sustainable mobility and industry.