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      A smart and mobile tiny house that reflects current trends and also provides a glimpse of the future of living.
      Mood elements, such as lighting and sound, create the right atmosphere for any occasion. They can be easily controlled via app or using a touchscreen.

      Tiny House ContiHome

      Welcome to the ContiHome!

      ""Imagine you had everything you need under one roof, but you were mobile. A stylish interior. With sleek surfaces that are pleasant to the touch. All made from sustainable materials. A tiny house! A ContiTech concept that recently won the RedDot Award. This demonstrates how we are committed to innovation. We are committed to sustainability. And how we turn new trends into new opportunities. But the tiny house symbolizes even more. It demonstrates that at Continental, we develop innovative solutions under one roof."

      Small in form and big in function.

      • We fulfill the desire for sustainable products that many consumers have through the use of recyclable materials.

      The ContiHome is our answer to densely populated residential areas, rising rents, and the growing demand for more sustainable living alternatives. It offers flexibility and agility, ensures quality instead of quantity, and incidentally, living in a small space is not only significantly more environmentally friendly, but also more comfortable in our ContiHome.

      The furniture, floors, walls, windows, façades, and deck are all covered in easy-to-care-for and long-lasting surfaces by Continental and demonstrate our core competencies in the areas of haptics, design, functionality, aesthetics, and comfort. One of our goals was to fulfill the desire for sustainable products that many consumers have through the use of recyclable materials. 

      Press Pictures

      Continental is showcasing its materials expertise with the presentation of the ContiHome, a tiny house whose interior and exterior has been fitted entirely with surface materials from ContiTech. The project is testament to how innovative surfaces can combine design elements with functional aspects to mutually beneficial effect.

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      Retro Meets the Future

      Pleasant, clear lighting effects provide orientation. Smooth, uncluttered surfaces present themselves in bright natural colors – seats, couch, tables, floors, doors and headliner. In this vehicle interior, everything is perfectly coordinated. An environment that invites you to linger and promises comfort. This converted VW T2 Bulli named AMBIENC3 is only “retro” from the outside, inside it offers a view of the future.

      The allround concept of the AMBIENC3 is the “3rd Space,” a space that combines driving, working and relaxing in the vehicle interior and offers design concepts tailored precisely to the individual application. What makes the concept vehicle so special, however, are the surface materials from Continental. With their properties, our surfaces support driving, working and relaxing. The areas are separated by color, design and function.

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