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      Safety and Health

      Safety and Health

      As an international technology company and supplier to the automotive industry and other key industries, we consider the safety and health of our employees, customers, and all stakeholders to be key success factors for sustainability, growth as well as profitability and shape our business activities accordingly.

      Our mission

      Our central mission in Safety & Health is to identify and minimize risks in occupational health and safety to protect our employees in their working environment, to promote a mature health and safety culture, and thus enable undisturbed business operations. In doing so, we follow our vision of "providing exceptionally attractive workplaces where a safe and healthy work environment fosters the long-term health and high performance of our people".

      To this end, we systematically analyze external as well as internal safety and health risks on a global level and, based on this analysis, develop sustainable and attractive programs in the areas of occupational safety, occupational medicine, health management, ergonomics and hazardous substances management. The following occupational health and safety objectives are relevant for our programs:

      • The safe and sustainable use of chemicals
      • Ensuring legal compliance
      • Empowering our employees to make healthy and safe decisions every day
      • Building knowledge and strengthening competencies in occupational health and safety
      • Physical and mental well-being of our employees
      • Maintaining and improving the performance of our employees

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