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      Apprenticeship and Dual Study Programs in the field of business

      Would you like to complete a business apprenticeship or a dual study degree in business and administration? Either way, your interest in operational processes, figures, schedules, and organizational structures is crucial to us. We show you which apprenticeships or business degree programs are open to you. From industrial clerk to office management clerk: our schedule for your future is in place – apply now!

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      Our Dual Study Programs in the Field of Business

      Are you looking for strategic tasks and want to manage your own future? During your dual study program in the field of economics sat Continental, you will gain the specialist knowledge of engineers and the commercial understanding of business administrators. You will be able to apply the knowledge you have acquired to projects in a wide variety of areas, such as purchasing, logistics, human resources and marketing, and finance. Discover our dual study programs in the field of economics – from business administration and business informatics through to industrial engineering.

      All Apprenticeship and Dual Study Program Vacancies

      Job Portal

      You know where your journey is headed? Visit our job portal, find the right apprenticeship, and apply today. We look forward to hearing from you.

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