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      Diverse for Apprentices

      Diversity and Variety in Everyday Life as an Apprentice

      In addition to vocational school, our apprentices and dual students are involved in various projects and initiatives during the practical phases that reflect the values of our corporate culture. In addition to promoting community and diversity, it is also important to strengthen social skills, enjoy varied  geactivities, and think outside the box. This strengthens tolerance and a sense of responsibility. Continental and its partners provide targeted support to apprentices and support joint learning and growth, regardless of gender or social/ethnic origin.


      Our Initiatives for Apprentices

      Learning from History

      “Responsibility and the Future” Workshop

      The workshop on responsibility and the future is aimed at all trainees and dual students at Continental. The aim of this program is not only to provide information about the history of Continental’s origins and to raise awareness of the past, but also to develop personal values and to convey a sense of responsibility for the future.

      Conveying Values – How the History of Continental Promotes its Own Values

      Aspects of the workshop include the origins of Continental as well as the company during the Nazi era, the path to the present, and the outlook for the future. In order to raise awareness among trainees and students for these topics, the workshop includes a visit to a memorial site and brief educational videos from the past. Above all, this should result in trainees and students engaging intensively with their own personal values and developing a more comprehensive understanding of topics such as diversity, inclusion, and tolerance. In addition, the participants are introduced to the origins of the company values and the relevance of these values is explored.

      The workshop is part of all Continental locations and is conducted in close cooperation with Nils Fehlhaber, Head of Corporate Archive at Continental, and using the Erker study.

      Children’s Flea Market Fundraising Campaign

      Apprentices get Involved in Intensive German Classes

      As part of the children’s Christmas party of the Friedrich-Ebert-Schule in Schwalbach, Continental’s trainees and dual students are organizing a children’s flea market. To this end, they are collecting toys that our employees no longer use but are still in good condition. The proceeds from sales are mainly used for day trips for integration and intensive classes, such as visits to the Frankfurt Christmas market or the Schwalbach nature swimming pool. But donations are also used to provide books and other learning materials.

      In addition to implementing the fundraising campaign, our trainees and students have a chance to exchange ideas with the pupils of the integration classes and learn more about different cultures and diversity.