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      Three girls and three boys of primary school age sit in a row and look into the distance with interest

      Diverse for Children

      Promoting Young Talent and STEM Education

      From an early age, children want to discover the world. Technology and natural sciences, in particular, are a source of enthusiasm and wonder. That’s why we are involved in various programs for the promotion of young talent via “Diverse for Children,” which promote interest in STEM topics and make IT, science, and technology fun. Regardless of their social background or personal interests, every child can get involved in the projects at will and try things out in their own way. Working together to develop solutions and discover phenomena also strengthens social skills and teamwork.

      Our Initiatives for Children

      Getting to Know Robotics with LEGO

      Through the FIRST LEGO League, we offer children and young people between the ages of six and 16 the opportunity to get a taste of different topics from the STEM field. Continental is supported by Hands on Technology e. V.

      From robotics, IT and science to Industry 4.0 – the various projects strengthen team spirit at an early stage and promote the creativity and problem-solving skills of children and young people.

      The FIRST LEGO League is a global educational program designed to inspire tomorrow’s young talent for research and robotics. Every year at OTH Regensburg, the initiative offers exciting projects for different age groups:

      • For children aged 6–10 years: FIRST LEGO League Explore
      • For children aged 9–16 years: FIRST LEGO League Challenge

      Insights into IT and Robotics – with the FIRST LEGO League

      The FIRST LEGO League Explore offers children aged 6–10 the perfect introduction to science and technology. Here, children learn the basics of robotics, IT, and science in a playful way by using LEGO.

      Part of the FIRST LEGO League Challenge for children aged 9–16 is the annual RoboCup Junior. Participants use LEGO to design, test, and program robots in teams. They are supported by the coaches of Hands on Technology e.V., learn how to solve real problems, and gain an insight into science and engineering. The teams then compete against each other with their robots.

      Communication of Values and Further Development through Teamwork

      With the FIRST LEGO League, we not only raise awareness of topics such as robotics, IT, and science among kids and teens, but also teach values such as teamwork and inclusion and promote social skills. In addition to improved teamwork, many children in the FIRST LEGO League also show an increased ability to express their own ideas and solve problems faster.

      Kindergartens and Elementary Schools in the Training Workshop

      Kindergartens and elementary schools are welcome at our location in Waltershausen! During the guided tours of our location, we allow the children to get to know the location better and to see the inside of a training workshop. During the site tour, our young visitors can conduct small experiments and try things out together with their instructors.

      This aims to familiarize the children with Continental products and arouse their interest in areas such as technology, science, and industry.

      How Does That Work? Knowledge Factory

      The Knowledge Factory is always open to elementary school children. In cooperation with various elementary schools, we implement interactive projects that enable students to get started with research-based learning. For example, children can try out how to make a rubber ball. Continental provides all the materials and tools for this, and the children of the partner elementary school carry out the experiment together with their teachers. In doing so, we awaken enthusiasm for the natural sciences and promote children’s creativity, teamwork, and social skills.