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      Diverse for talented women

      Professional Advancement of Women at Continental

      As a technology company, we face the challenge of finding and retaining female talent over the long term. That’s why we pursue a variety of initiatives that spark interest, create opportunities, and boost self-confidence – from vocational training to leadership positions.

      With our “Diverse for Talented Women” program, we have created an umbrella for our various forms of engagement

      Together with our partners, we make it easier for young or single mothers to embark on an apprenticeship, introduce young girls to the natural sciences, and specifically promote the careers of our female colleagues. Our support is intended to enable equality in the workplace, professional development, and an straightforward and sustainable balance between job and care work.

      Our Initiatives for Talented Women

      Women in Leadership Positions

      ff – Frauen führen 2.0

      “ff – Frauen führen” is the motto of the Regensbürger Bündnis für Chancengleichheit (Regensburg Alliance for Equal Opportunities). Together with the city of Regensburg and other companies and institutions in the region, Continental is committed to establishing women in leadership positions.

      The initiative is aimed at women of all ages and regardless of their position. Continental is involved in increasing the career opportunities and equal rights of women in Germany, especially female trainees, supporting their professional development, training them to become leaders, and establishing a diverse corporate culture. Continental and other companies and institutions in the alliance are also committed to:

      • A successful and sustainable HR policy that provides equal opportunities for men and women in companies.
      • A gender-equitable or equal approach to company training and development programs, as well as recruitment and promotion processes.
      • The establishment of a life event-oriented personnel management system as well as working models adapted to the different needs and circumstances of life.
      • Equal pay for women and men for equal and equivalent performance.

      Training for Young and Single Mothers

      Assisted training with VbFF

      VbFF, an association for the professional advancement of women, has been working to improve the professional situation of women for over 40 years. This is because, overall, it is even harder for women on the labor market today – in particular, single parents and young women with children need special support. For this reason, and as part of the “Diverse for Talented Women” initiative, Continental is stepping up its efforts at its Frankfurt office to support young mothers without vocational training and to enable them to start their careers by means of part-time training. The organization and Continental have been working together for over nine years and have enabled many young women with children to enter professional life.

      Part-time Assisted Training for Young Mothers

      Full-time education is difficult for many young or single mothers – childcare, the commute to work, and general living conditions all play a role here. In tandem with VbFF, we therefore offer young women with children a part-time assisted education and thus a chance to start working life. Mothers under the age of 27 who have not completed vocational training are eligible to apply. The training is free of charge and is financed by the Job Center in Frankfurt and the Youth and Social Services Office of the City of Frankfurt.

      The participants are employed by VbFF and the practical training is provided by Continental as a partner company, while the theory is taught on two days of the week at a vocational school.  Continental gives women an insight into the different areas of the company by taking them through at least 3–4 relevant departments during their vocational training. The duration of part-time training is usually three years and ends with successful graduation before the Frankfurt Chamber of Industry and Commerce.

      Start Your Training Well Prepared

      In order to balance childcare, private circumstances, and work, the weekly training time has been reduced to 30 hours. VbFF prepares all young mothers for training and supports them in choosing a career, in finding an apprenticeship, and in organizing childcare. In addition, the association advises the participants on general questions regarding training, acts as an intermediary in the event of conflicts within the company, and offers support lessons to help them cope with the vocational school curriculum.

      Girls, Young Women and STEM

      Female Researchers’ Camp

      The female researchers’ camp is being held in cooperation with the bbw e.V. The initiative is aimed at young women and girls between the ages of 15 and 18 from all over Bavaria. The aim of the camp is to inspire talented women to pursue technical careers, particularly in the fields of IT and computer science. In addition, the camp aims to connect the participants with potential employers in the MINT sector, such as Continental Regensburg. The female researchers’ camp is a three-day event (online) where Continental offers the “Autonomous Driving” project. In cooperation with OTH Regensburg, the young researchers will gain insights into programming, technology and autonomous and connected driving and gain initial experience in programming.

      Technical Hub

      The Lower Saxony Technical Hub (Niedersachsen-Technikum) offers young women with Abitur or Fachabitur an opportunity to explore their interests in the STEM field. The program lasts six months and includes a company internship, which takes place four days a week, providing an insight into working life. In addition, the participants take part in a taster course at a university in Lower Saxony.

      The facility offers a wide range of first-semester lectures and seminars, as well as excursions. In addition, all participants receive an internship certificate from the company, as well as a certificate from the university.