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      A woman sits at the wheel of a futuristic concept car and drives along a highway


      Shape cockpit usability and your professional prospects in the Infotainment and Displays department. As a leading provider of infotainment and multimedia systems, we develop innovative solutions for in-car entertainment. With advanced technologies such as the digital cockpit, navigation systems, and voice control, we provide our customers with a superior driving experience.

      As a partner of Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, we enable our customers to seamlessly incorporate their mobile devices within their vehicles. Our Continental infotainment systems offer the perfect combination of advanced technology and ease of use.

      Learn more about Continental’s workflows and job vacancies in the field of Infotainment and Displays. Join our team and help us shape the future of in-car entertainment.

      Modern Information Management Offers the Driver More Driving Comfort, Efficiency, and Control over the Vehicle Environment

      Intelligent Information Management

      Whether navigation or driver assistance systems: state-of-the-art technologies already make it possible to record all important information in the vehicle, put it at the driver’s fingertips, and link it to Internet services. For the driver, this means more driving comfort, efficiency, and control over the vehicle environment. Continental is spearheading this development – by increasing the connectivity of the individual components.

      What Does Infotainment Mean?

      Modern information management is more than just displaying relevant vehicle information. A holistic human–machine dialog ensures straightforward communication between people, vehicles, and the outside world. This simplifies information management in an increasingly complex world, including in cars, and opens up opportunities for new vehicle functions such as automated driving and the seamless integration of mobile devices.

      The Dashboard Is a Thing of the Past

      In the first horseless carriages of the 19th century, it was nothing more than a piece of wood with holes drilled for gauges and instruments, but is now a genuine high-tech object: the dashboard. Today’s modern displays are becoming increasingly digital, more powerful, and more intuitive to use. What’s more, there is no end in sight to this breathtaking advancement – quite the opposite.

      Superb Sound, Even without Speakers

      With the approach of a speakerless sound system, Continental is reinventing vehicle audio, drastically reducing weight and the required installation space. Compared to conventional 3D sound systems, the speakerless system takes up over 95% less space. Actuators that vibrate certain surfaces in the vehicle interior create a high-end sound experience for every vehicle class, similar to the principle of a stringed instrument.