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      Apprenticeship Made Easy

      Insights, Tips, and Tricks for Apprenticeships and Dual Study Programs

      Your school leaving certificate is just around the corner and you’re still not sure where you want to go? Perhaps you are wondering “Which job suits me?” or “Would I rather do an apprenticeship or a dual study program?” Finding a career is not that easy, as there are countless occupations and apprenticeships. We want to support you in this process and provide guidance.

      In our YouTube playlist “Apprenticeships made easy,” our apprentices and dual students give you interesting glimpses behind the scenes. Do you have topics you would like to learn more about? Then feel free to send us a message via the Instagram account @Continental_Talente or comment on one of our videos.

      Press Play and Start Your Career!

      Browse our videos here and find out whether apprenticeships or dual study programs are your thing.

      Dual study program in AI & Data Science

      Algorithms, machine learning and cognitive computing - are you interested in these gadgets not only in your private life, but also professionally? Our dual students Nicole, Alberto and Maximilian take you with them and tell you all about their experiences on the dual study program Artificial Intelligence & Data Science.

      Apprenticeship or Study – What’s Right for Me?

      Are you faced with the important life decision of whether to choose an apprenticeship or a degree? Our apprentices and dual students report on their personal experiences of why they chose to study or train.

      A Day in the Life of a Dual Student in the Field of Computer Science

      Our apprentice Simon gets to the bottom of IT prejudices. He explains how his dual studies are structured and that IT people don’t just feed on chips and work in a dark office.

      IT Careers You Need to Know about

      What does an IT specialist do, how is a dual study program structured in the field of business informatics, and what exactly is IT security?

      A Day in the Life of a Dual Student in the Field of Mechatronics

      A diverse mix of mechanics, electronics, and IT at Continental. This is the day-to-day work of our trainee Mika!

      Technical Careers You Need to Know about

      What does a warehouse logistics specialist, an electronics technician for automation technology, and a process mechanic for plastics and rubber technology do?

      The Typical Day of a Commercial Apprentice

      Are you wondering what tasks a commercial apprentice has and what a typical day looks like? Felix explains how his apprenticeship as an industrial clerk works and what experiences he already had in his first year of training.

      Apprenticeships and Dual Study Programs – Tips and Tricks for Your Application

      You’ve almost completed your school leaving certificate and now it’s time for your application and résumé? Not sure what content is relevant? In this video, our colleague will give you some important tips and tricks for your application and résumé!

      Apprenticeships A–Z

      Are you about to start your apprenticeship and unsure about what is behind concepts such as a training framework or a probationary period? Don’t worry – in this video, we’ll explain the various terms you’ll find during your apprenticeship!

      How to Write a Report Booklet

      Report booklets seldom trigger a storm of enthusiasm. But as an apprentice, you are obliged to keep one. But how and why? In this video, you will find the most important tips and tricks from us.

      Apprenticeships Made Easy: Stretched Length

      This video might be a bit lengthy, because it’s about the “stretched length.”

      Simply Explained: Mass, Volume, and Density

      Everything that exists has a mass, a volume, and a density. In this video, we’ll explain what that is, how the three terms are related, and how you can easily figure it out.

      The Funniest Outtakes of our Tutorials

      We’ll show you what it looked like behind the scenes of the 13 film shoots and how some scenes had to be shot several times!

      Behind the scenes

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