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      Responsible value chain

      Responsible value chain

      Responsibility along the value chain means that each partner creates ecological, economic and social value for society. Here, we are referring both to our supply chain and customer relationships as well as to our own operations.

      The influence of companies

      Large companies operate in a global network that imapcts a large number of people. This creates income, prosperity and jobs. But global value chains can also generate environmental and social burdens.

      If global value chains are designed in a responsible manner, companies operating internationally in particular can have a major positive impact on society. In addition, by acting responsibly, companies actively shape their future prospects and build sustainable access to resources and markets.

      It is not enough to tackle the existing challenges with individual initiatives. Instead, global companies must implement and expand upon holistically sustainable business practices over the long term.

      What does this mean for Continental?

      The main objective is to protect human and environmental rights in every link along the value chain: from raw materials to production to customers, with the aim of creating added value for society. Ensuring compliance with due diligence obligations is a basic prerequisite here.

      It also requires investment in existing and new partnerships in order to anticipate and avert negative social or environmental impacts before they arise. One example are our projects and partnerships in the area of responsible natural rubber. These are aimed at upholding human rights, reducing any impact on the environment to a minimum, improving the livelihood of communities, and thus establishing a fair and sustainable value chain.

      These changes cannot happen overnight but will have to be implemented step by step. This requires the continuous improvement of our due diligence system. A responsible value chain will be essential for our future viability over the coming decades.

      This is why Continental strives for a 100% responsible value chain – together with our business partners and by 2050 at the latest.