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      Nikolai Setzer | Interview

      Nikolai Setzer on the Strategy for Autonomous, Connected and Sustainable Mobility of the Future

      Automated driving fosters anticipatory and safe driving, and thus sustainable mobility.

      Our future roadmap is ready. We unveiled our realigned strategy at the end of 2020 at our Capital Markets Day event. It is based on three cornerstones, among others our strategy for connected and sustainable mobility. Here, we see opportunities emerging from the accelerated pace of transformation. We will harness these opportunities with greater determination than ever before, and above all, with much more focused energy.

      The growth field for advanced driver assistance systems and automated driving serve as an important example for the future. The market is highly dynamic in this area, creating further growth potential for us. We will fully exploit these opportunities by pooling our resources and intensifying our efforts. We are not alone here. We are opening ourselves up even further to cooperation with technology partners and start-up companies. These already include NVIDIA, Aeye and, as recently announced, Recogni.

      In this area we are already one of the pioneers. For instance, in 1999 we played a key role in the world’s first volume-produced adaptive cruise control for the Mercedes S-Class.

      Since then, we have been leading the pack when it comes to assisted and automated driving systems. Just in the years 2018 to 2020 alone, we received orders for these systems totaling more than €9 billion from car manufacturers worldwide.

      We intend to increase this amount substantially in the coming years, as the potential scope of our supply will go up in value many times over as the degree of automation grows. That is why we are increasing our investments and expenditures. In the year 2021 alone, we are planning to spend about an additional €200 million to €250 million more.

      By doing so, we are accelerating the pace with which we are positioning ourselves as a top player in the autonomous mobility market. After all, our goal is and will continue to be the global leadership when it comes to assisted and automated driving!

      Automated driving fosters anticipatory and safe driving, and thus sustainable mobility.


      Please click here for the complete comments - pdf (126KB) of the Chairman of the Executive Board of Continental Aktiengesellschaft, Nikolai Setzer, on the occasion of the Continental Media Webcast: Fiscal 2020.