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      Extrem E

      Extreme E

      Off-road Electric Racing Series with Electric SUVs and Tire Technology from Continental

      Continental became an Official Partner of the Extreme E off-road electric racing series in January 2019. The races take place all over the world in locations – rainforest, desert, the freezing Arctic, high altitude and ocean islands – that have been chosen to raise awareness of the environmental issues facing humanity.

      Continental is already a Founding Partner of the series and will become a Premium Partner in 2021. The technology company will also be equipping all the vehicles involved in the races with tires for the diverse and extremely demanding conditions that they will encounter.

      This very new format of racing sports offers the opportunity to demonstrate how our ultra-high performance tires succeed in extreme conditions. Drivers in this adventurous off-road series will experience how performance meets safety on no matter which ground. An important factor of this series will be to heighten the audiences awareness towards current and future challenges such as climate change, the responsible interaction with our environment and the protection of important ecosystems.

      Sustainability is high on our company’s agenda and this aligns perfectly with the targets of Extreme E, too. Continental will equip all of the cars in the races with suitable tires for the respective terrain.


      Please find here selected press releases and news on the off-road racing series Extreme E.

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      News in brief:

      Turning Racing Tires Into Living Space

      Continental builds basketball court from recycled Extreme E tires

      "Turning racing tires into living space" - under this motto, a new basketball court is being built in Hanover to give children from the surrounding area a lively place to play, run and train. Continental is providing the necessary rubber paving stones as a donation. The paving stones are made from recycled racing tires from the Extreme E electric racing series, which Continental has been supporting as a founding partner since 2019. The Extreme E tyres underwent a particularly complex manufacturing process to extract all chemical components from the tires before transforming them into paving stones. Now the tires will be given a second life as the foundation of a high-level basketball court. "We are very pleased to support the project with paving stones made from our recycled tires here in Hanover. In this way, we are bringing the materials from the sustainable Extreme E electric racing series back into circulation and using them for a good cause," emphasized Enno Straten, Head of Strategy, Analytics and Marketing, Replacement Tires EMEA at Continental, at the groundbreaking ceremony.
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