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      Volkswagen ID3

      Our Role in the Electric Car Revolution

      How Continental is driving electric mobility as a supplier to VW.

      Volkswagen is set to enter a new era in electric mobility with the launch of the ID.3, with which it has vital support from Continental. The technology company supplies key components that make the new compact electric model into a particularly safe, digital and long-range representative of its class.

      The ID.3 offers long ranges, plenty of space, dynamic handling and next-level digital connectivity. Continental has been involved in developing and producing components for the new electric vehicle right from the drawing board.

      You can find Continental technology in almost all parts of the car – from software, brakes and tires to powertrain technologies. All business areas have collaborated on the project. In short, the ID.3 is a major step into the electric mobility era for Continental too! 

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      E-vehicles have a lot of Continental on board, in addition to the drive system.
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