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      Emission-Free Mobility & Industry
      Emission-free mobility and industry

      Emission-free mobility and industry

      With the world’s population growing, the demand for mobility and industrial production is also increasing. Given climatic developments and the impact on human health, it is crucial that these avoid producing harmful emissions.

      Innovations for a cleaner future

      Emission-free driving and emission-free industry are future business for Continental. We are already taking a major step forward in emissions-free driving. Because the transportation of people and goods will continue to be at the center of social and economic development in the future. We shape the transformation toward emission-free mobility and industries using customer-focused products and services. We offer solutions, for example, for emission-free rail transport, bicycles, wind turbines or even resistance-optimized tires. And we supply a wide range of components and technologies for e-mobility.

      This ambition is closely linked with our drive to achieve carbon neutrality: Emission-free vehicles generate zero harmful emissions – whereas e.g., this phase generates the most emissions in the product life of a combustion engine. An emission-free portfolio is therefore an important lever on the road to carbon neutrality.

      We will continue to expand our business in emission-free mobility and industry in future by focusing both on new product developments and on the further development of our existing product portfolio. The requirements and transformation speeds of our customers, industries and markets are key to realizing our ambition.

      Together with our partners in the value chain, we want to achieve 100% emission-free mobility and industry by 2050 at the latest.