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      Close up of car cockpit with large display on dashboard.

      Autonomous Mobility

      Discover exciting career opportunities in the area of autonomous vehicles and self-driving cars at Continental. Our driver assistance systems form the basis for the future of autonomous mobility. Thanks to our innovative strength, we are driving the development of intelligent technologies that can take on more and more driving functions – supported by artificial intelligence in traffic and connected mobility. As a result, we not only offer greater safety, but also improved convenience and efficiency.

      Learn more about the future of mobility and the exciting workflows in autonomous driving at Continental. Our colleagues provide direct insights into various jobs and departments in our videos. Or search for vacancies under transport technology on our job portal. Join our team and help shape the future of mobility!

      Our Employees Develop Intelligent Technologies That Take on Ever More Driving Functions

      Whether Lane Keeping Assist or Brake Assist: today’s driver assistance systems provide the basis for the automated driving of the future. Continental is driving this trend forward with all its innovative strength and developing intelligent technologies that take on ever more driving functions – if the driver wants them to. The advantages: greater safety, more convenience, more efficiency. Find out more about the wide range of career opportunities and workflows in the field of automated driving. Our colleagues’ videos give you direct insights into various jobs and departments.

      My Job Is Done When Seamless Mobility Becomes Part of Everyday Life

      Heba Khafagy is an Integration & Test Manager at Continental: “My job is great! I am currently working on autonomous vehicles. As a global team, we manage a wide range of projects – from large trucks to small cars. For optimum results, we analyze driving habits in different countries. In my opinion, driving should be one of several mobility options. Driving should be fun – and not seen as a necessary evil. In any case, I can hardly wait for people to be able to sleep or work, for example, on their commute. I’m looking forward to the time when they can simply order a car with an app and send it away again – without having to focus on the road. I think it’s great to be working on a topic that’s important to the whole world. I find the different approaches exciting: on the one hand, it’s about working together to define global standards, and, on the other, it’s about you and your team racing to be the first to reach the goal. I have to think, ponder, reflect, and go beyond the known boundaries, both conventionally and unconventionally.”

      My Job Is Done When Accidents Are History

      Johannes van Balen has been working as a System and Software Integrator in basic software integration and on-board diagnostics since 2016. “Anyone who has ever disassembled a car knows that a surprising number of parts come from Continental. That makes me proud! I am currently working on a pilot project to develop a fusion controller for driving functions necessary for automated driving. The biggest challenge for me is to correctly model the vehicle’s surroundings using a sensor function. My job and that of my colleagues is to make sure that all these components work together and, for example, brake at the right moment. In addition to increasing driving comfort, one of the most important goals of automated driving is to reduce road traffic fatalities and injuries. This will help to drastically reduce the number of serious accidents. One of Continental’s core objectives is Vision Zero – the prevention of all road accidents. The road to Vision Zero is still a long one, but the technologies we are working on at Continental, software as well as hardware, are bringing us ever closer to that vision.”