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      There's a Lot of Continental in the New Mercedes-Benz E-Class

      Mercedes-Benz relies on numerous technologies and innovative products from Continental in all variants of the new E-Class.

      With the smart device-based access system CoSmA, Continental is making a significant contribution to the digital access system of the Mercedes-Benz E-Class. The system allows the vehicle owner to create multiple digital keys and share them with family members or friends. The rights can be defined as desired, so that, for example, only the vehicle can be opened without starting the engine.

      The technology enables a convenient user experience in keeping with the digital age. For the first time, Continental is providing a complete system that ensures comprehensive interaction between the digital ecosystems of the vehicle, smart devices and the cloud.

      Increased safety and better driving comfort thanks to intelligent systems

      The Continental Air Supply (CAirS) system combines the compressor, valve block and the electronic control unit in one module and is specially configured for the Mercedes-Benz E-Class. Together with the air suspension modules for the front axle, which we also supply, our technologies not only provide more comfort, but also outstanding driving stability.

      In tough driving situations, our surround view cameras offer a complete all-round view and facilitate comfortable and safe manoeuvring. Additional safety is provided by the powerful long-range radar, which provides the driver assistance systems with data on vehicles ahead and obstacles. Another safety component is our telematics control unit, which ensures data exchange with mobile networks and automatic emergency call (eCall).

      Also from the Continental portfolio are the lighting control units used in the Mercedes-Benz E-Class, which enable intelligent control of the full-LED headlights for complete illumination of the road. 

      We are the driving force for our customers to efficiently and holistically advance complex topics such as sustainable vehicle digitalization with the help of relevant products. With the CoSmA keyless access system, we are providing a complete system that includes all hardware and software components for the first time.
      Philipp von Hirschheydt
      Philipp von Hirschheydt, member of the Executive Board responsible for the Automotive division at Continental

      Quiet and energy-saving driving thanks to a new rubber compound in our EcoContact 6 Q tyres

      By developing a special rubber compound, we were able to achieve outstanding mileage with low energy consumption for the EcoContact 6 Q tire. The EcoContact 6 Q also impresses with low rolling noise, reliable grip and good cornering stability. For safe, quiet and energy-saving driving, Mercedes therefore delivers the vehicle on Continental EcoContact 6 Q tires ex works.

      For the winter season, we also offer our WinterContact TS 860 S tire and can thus ensure more safety on the road in cold temperatures on dry and wet roads.

      Acella® surface material as a sustainable alternative for interior door and control panels

      Innovative and sustainable surface material from the Continental portfolio characterizes the interior. Acella synthetic leather with staynu technology is used for the seats: an advanced technology that makes the surface material almost completely resistant to soiling. The sustainable Acella upholstery material for the door and control panels is made from up to 30 percent recycled PET plastic bottles.