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      Fleet Management: Security Instead of Fines
      Software for fleet and tachograph management- Plug-and-play for more compliance.
      CTO Gilles Mabire:
      „At Continental, we are pursuing the goal of further increasing traffic and data safety with pioneering software solutions."
      Dr. Steffen Schwartz-Höfler:
      "We offer our customers the option of achieving carbon neutrality for the business they do with Continental along the entire value chain."
      Innovation and Intellectual Property
      Digital transformation of the automotive industry: Intellectual property has never been more important.


      Continental Is Taking Sustainability to an Entirely New Level

      Continental is going on the offensive with respect to the central theme of the sustainability of humankind, and has set itself some ambitious goals in this respect. 

      The world and the global economy find themselves at the start of a new era. The path toward transformation to a sustainable economy is clear. While the solutions have not all been fully developed yet, we are establishing the framework for Continental and its partners. 

      Sustainability has long been one of the key drivers of innovation at Continental. Now, as part of its new corporate strategy that was unveiled in December 2020, the company plans to also systematically seize the opportunities that arise as a result of the sustainability transformation.

      Find out more about Continental's comprehensive sustainability roadmap.

      Brake Systems

      Brake systems are becoming increasingly intelligent so they can meet the future needs and requirements of automated driving and electrification; and this in newly conceived vehicles designed with modified architecture. This functional extension requires a profound understanding of the system in order to combine uncompromising safety and sustainability in future brake systems – and in the long term also modular and distributed brake systems.

      Latest Press pictures and footage from Continental production
      The second-generation brake-by-wire system: production line MK C2 brake system at the Continental plant in Frankfurt.
      Press pictures for download   Footage