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      A peek behind the curtain

      On our blog People@Continental our employees share glimpses of their working lifes with you.

      More than 340 colleagues already shared their experiences on our People@Continental blog. They write about their working lives at Continental and what they are up to professionally. The blog gives you a peek behind the curtain at Continental and shows the faces behind our products.

      Since the blog was launched in 2012, more than 600 posts have been published. Every entry appears in English and, depending on the native language of the author, often in a second language as well. A wide range of employees at locations around the world have posted – from apprentices to experts and managers – allowing insights into their daily tasks and projects on the shop floor and in the office as well as reporting on special events. Our employees decide for themselves what topics they would like to write about. 

      Two examples: Viktoria Werner wrote about her application process, her experience at the Continental assessment center and why she liked Meet the Manager so much. Xinhuan Wang discussed what he learned at various training courses and visits to other locations and opened up about how his international placement in Auburn Hills contributed to his professional development.

      You can reach the blog directly here or through the app IntARact. Just download the app through this link on the right and click on the button “employee blog”.