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      On our People@Continental blog, you can share your story with other colleagues around the world or people who are interested in our culture and our people.

      What Is the Blog About?

      People@Continental - that's what it's all about, a dive into our world!

      We offer a glimpse “behind the scenes” of career journeys, diverse projects, technical innovations, or even hobbies. This way people who are not working for Continental (yet) can get information about Continental as an employer at first hand.

      It is also a great opportunity for our employees to gain insights into the projects of other business areas, departments and countries.

      How to blog?

      Interested in creating your own blog article, but don’t know how to do it? No worries, just follow these simple steps:

      1. Register here to become part of the blog. By sending the request you already agree that we are allowed to publish your future article externally.
      2. As soon as we checked your request we will get back to you and you can start writing. Please use our “Blog Article Template” on the right side of this page for this.
      3. Send the filled-in template together with an author profile picture and other relevant pictures to
      4. When we receive your information, we will analyze the content and then proceed to publishing the article. We will let you know when your article is online. Please also be aware that we promote most of our blog articles also on our global and/or local Social Media profiles.
      5. Before you start writing, please read the hints below. 

      When in doubt, just ask! >


      You don’t know what to write about? No problem! We have some food for thought for you:

      • Insights about your daily work
      • Insights about special events
      • Behind the scenes of Continental
      • Reminisce about your application process
      • A special situation that has arisen in your work-life
      • …or just have a look at the blog to see what others wrote about

      Our People@Continental blog has been and still is a precious step in reaching our goal of becoming THE MOST attractive and progressive employer in the field of mobility! So when you tell your story please be aware that potential candidates also need to understand your article to comprehend, why is it you like to work at Continental.