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      Ready-to-Use Material

      The Employee Advocacy Toolbox is here to support you, if you decide to share our culture with the outside world. It shows how you can actively help to promote Continental, easily and safely, as an employee advocate. 

      Wallpaper for Desktop and Mobile

      Brand your workspace and download wallpaper for your desktop screen savers and smartphone in various country versions to show your pride every day of the week. 

      Download wallpaper for your desktop (Various country versions)

      Download wallpaper for your mobile device (Standard version only)

      Header for Private Social Media Profiles

      We provide one global, several country-specific as well as Automotive Technologies headers you are allowed to use in your personal Social Media profiles. If you would like to use any other Continental picture in your header please contact the respective Business Area responsible. The picture might not be intended for that use or we might not have the necessary copyrights.

      There are different headers available for the following Social Media channels: 

      • LinkedIn
      • Twitter
      • Xing

      Download Social Media headers
      Download Social Media headers with 150 years logo
      Download Social Media header from Automotive Technologies

      Branded Instagram Stickers

      If you are active on Instagram you should definitely check out our branded stickers. They are perfect for making a statement about where you work and what you do. Simply click on the gif button in your story and search for “Continental”. Then all of them will appear.

      Decision Tree Copyrights

      As a constant reminder you are welcome to download and print this decision tree (click on the link) to check for each of your content pieces if you can use it or not.

      Download Decision Tree Copyrights - png (386KB) 


      Wallpaper for Desktop and Mobile

      Header for Private Social Media Profiles