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      Group picture Trend Antenna Frankfurt

      Continental Trend Antennas

      Continental Trend Antennas are research programs in which students and academics are collaborating with Continental shaping the future of mobility.

      The close cooperation between industry and science creates a win-win-situation for both sides. The students can gain valuable experiences while discovering trends as well as developing project and product ideas. And Continental is always open for having a look at things from a different perspective.

      Trend Antenna Regensburg (Germany)

      ​​​​​​​The Trend Antenna Regensburg sets its focus on trend scouting. This includes researching and evaluating the impact of the latest social and technological developments on (future) mobility markets. The Trend Antenna in Regensburg, Germany, was the first institution of its kind, founded in 2010.

      Trend Antenna Mexico


      The Trend Antenna Mexico was established in 2012 and teams are currently working in the locations Guadalajara and Queretaro. Although operating in different states both work together and support each other excellently, promoting cross-divisional projects.

      With 25 students, changing every semester, it is the biggest one out of the six. Here, the team focuses primarily on applying user centered and user experience design techniques to validate product concepts and their technical feasibility, business viability and market desirability. These validations are made through product development research and a simple conceptual prototype. The work in this Trend Antenna is designed project-oriented. They are driven by multi-disciplinary teams that include engineering, business and design students.​​​​​​​

      Trend Antenna Hamburg (Germany)

      The Trend Antenna Hamburg, founded 2019 is related to the rubber division to ContiTech. We are focussing on building IoT Proof of Concepts in our Innovation HUB to get an erly customer feedback. The team includes 6 international students. They are working in teams on different projects to bring the ideas from paper to real.

      Trend Antenna in Timişoara

      Established in 2018, the Trend Antenna Timisoara, Romania, runs projects in the area of SmartMobility, Sensor Fusion with Deep Learning and IoT Systems and Services. We focus on technologies and skills like Artificial Intelligence, Backend Conti.Cloud & App development, IoT and Electronics.

      Trend Antenna in Romania is a growth environment for top students, creative, inventive and passionate about new technologies and also a versatile partner for pre-D0 innovation activities.