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      Why Work for Us?
      We offer an inspiring, open and rewarding corporate culture.
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      How to apply
      Our guide "How to Apply" takes you step by step to your new job.
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      Flexibility & Hybrid Work
      We offer our employees flexible working opportunities - because we know that when employees can work flexibly, everybody wins.

      Internships and Thesis Assignments


      We give students the opportunity to combine theory and practice in an effective way even when they are still studying. We offer internships for students from nearly all disciplines and are particularly keen to take on students from the fields of Software, IT, Engineering, Economics, Natural Sciences, and Industrial Engineering.

      An internship gives you the opportunity to gain experience that extends beyond the realms of theory. Right from the word go, you will be involved in our day-to-day business, undertake a variety of tasks, and tackle exciting challenges within international project teams.

      International internships

      Gaining international work experience as a student offers you the opportunity to expand your horizons and enjoy one-of-a-kind experiences.

      You can find an overview of all positions on our job portal. Just go to “Entry Level” and select “Internship” and the country where you are interested in working. You can then apply directly to the location in question. Please send your application six months before the start of the internship, and be sure to submit your desired timeframe online to the location which you are applying to. The application as well as the contracting is directly managed by the host country.

      The following criteria are relevant for an international internship:

      • You should have very good language skills in English and/or the language of the host country.
      • At the time of your internship you must be enrolled in a university.
      • It will be a great help if you have already successfully completed an internship with Continental.

      Other conditions for an international internship with Continental – such as visa, accommodation, and travel – will differ from one country to the next. It’s best to discuss these details directly in a one-on-one conversation with the responsible HR department when you have received a response to your application.

      Thesis assignments

      Within the framework of a thesis assignment, Continental will give you the opportunity to get to know the company better while you are still studying by working on an exciting task.

      Thesis assignments at Continental work in much the same way as an internship. Please apply via our job portal, and you will also find a list of potential locations on the application portal.