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      #Fiction2Science: Digital Automation

      Digital Automation Challenge

      Train Robots, Make Money - Shape the Future of Tire Sensorics

      Do you have what it takes to be a robot trainer? Grab one of our smart robots and find out. Together with your team, you'll train its sensors and teach it to analyze a tire – by using object recognition algorithms. Collect data and develop a business case. Only the best concept, the most reliable detection and the most innovative business case have a chance to win this challenge. 

      When: 19.03. - 21.03.2020

      Where: Gebläsehalle, Ilseder Hütte 14, 31241 Ilsede (near Hannover)

      Who: 20 participants - 4 teams - 1 winner

      For your arrival and departure costs, we will refund you up to 100€ at the end of the event. In addition, we will of course take care of your meals and accommodation during the event.

      Unfortunately the application period for #Fiction2Science Hanover is over. You want to be part of the next event or be informed about new dates? Then use our pre-registration form.

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      Competition Details

      Your task.

      Sensors and Smart Services don't stop at tires either. As part of a team you configure a smart robot with sensors. Train it to recognize tires. Evaluate the recorded data and load it into the cloud. 

      In addition to image detection and the evaluation of data, the focus will be of course on your innovative strength. What to do with the collected data and image material, what else could we use it for? Design a business concept as a team and, together with your newly developed application, present it to the challenge participants at the end of the event.

      Your skills.

      The following skills are what you need:

      • Knowledge of programming languages like Java, Python, C/C++
      • Initial experience with machine learning and data science would be helpful
      • Enthusiasm for innovation, machine learning, robots, team spirit and of course the future of mobility
      Your equipment.

      Excellent results require the best working materials. We equip you with all technical resources. All you need to bring along with you is your own laptop (PC/Mac) running a virtual environment. A hypervisor (e.g. VirtualBox) should be installed.