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      #Fiction2Science: Smart Workplace Hackathon

      Smart Work Hackathon

      Workplace meets Technology - Shape the Future of Work Environments

      The classic desktop workplace will soon be water under the bridge. The future of modern work environments is smarter. Whether it's digital assistants, artificial intelligence or the Internet of things, this hackathon uses the latest technology to turn your creative ideas into reality. Together with your team, you'll develop tomorrow's workplace, today!

      When: 19.03. - 21.03.2020

      Where: Gebläsehalle, Ilseder Hütte 14, 31241 Ilsede (near Hanover)

      Who: 20 participants - 4 teams - 1 winner

      For your arrival and departure costs, we will refund you up to 100€ at the end of the event. In addition, we will of course take care of your meals and accommodation during the event.

      Unfortunately the application period for #Fiction2Science Hanover is over. You want to be part of the next event or be informed about new dates? Then use our pre-registration form.

      #Fiction2Science pre-registration

      Competition Details

      Your task.

      Develop innovative solutions for a modern working environment according to real needs of users. Together with your team, you’ll design tailor-made solutions for different work areas and professions. 

      Cloud platforms such as Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure as well as various IoT devices and sensors are available to solve the challenge. Divide different tasks according to your knowledge and experience between your team members. What is your vision of the workplace of the future? The only limit is your imagination.

      Your skills.

      The following skills are what you need:

      • Experience with user interfaces- or UX-Design, cloud, backend or IoT (AWS, Azure, etc.)
      • Interfacing knowledge between different systems
      • Preferably first experiences with software development and digital workplace
      • A start-up mentality and entrepreneurial spirit
      • Enthusiasm for innovation, creativity, machine learning, AI, big data, team spirit and of course the future of mobility
      Your equipment.

      Who designs the workplace of the future needs the best working environment of the present. We equip you with all technical resources. For the hackathon, you can use cloud platforms like Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, and IoT devices and sensors. All you need to do: bring your own laptop.