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      How to Apply

      Check our infographic and/or the detailed step-by-step description below to get to know our recruitment process, what happens in the single steps and how much time the different steps might take. Since the process is slightly different in each country and since it is depending on various factors a time estimate for the full process can not be given, but you will get a feeling for it reading through the setps.

      Step by Step to Your New Job

      Step One: Online Application

      An overview of all current vacancies worldwide can be found in the Continental job portal. Filters make it easy to fine-tune your search and get a quick overview of suitable job openings. To find out which qualifications are needed for the job please check the requirements section in the job ad. It varies from job to job.

      How does it work? Just register on the job portal, set up a profile, and upload your application documents such as CV, degrees and certificates, references, and proof of relevant international experience or additional qualifications.

      Candidates typically require 5 to 10 minutes to complete the Online Application if they have the required documents at hand. Our system does not send out an automatic confirmation of receipt. You can follow your application status online.

      Please note that we do not consider unsolicited applications.

      You have additional questions about your application? Please have a look at our FAQs “Application”.

      Our recruiters put together a few tips about the online application here.


      How to: Online Assessments


      As a general rule, as soon as you have submitted your application you will be invited to take our online assessment, which you should complete as soon as possible.  This lets us give you a professional and fair assessment of whether you would be a good fit for the vacancy and for Continental. To achieve best results, we recommend that you answer the questions in an environment where you can concentrate and work without interruptions. Candidates typically require less than 30 minutes to complete the first Online Assessment. As there is no time limit you might want to plan more time. It is not a criteria how much time you need to finish the test. All that matters to us is the result.

      If you are not able to conduct the online assessments, please use our contact form to describe the issue so that we can find a solution to support you through the application process. 

      After finishing the Online Assessment you should receive a message from one of our recruiters within around two weeks. Please excuse if it takes longer in some cases depending on the amount of applications and timing. 

      You have questions on the online assessments? Please have a look at our FAQs Online Assessments


      First Encounter: Job Interview

      You have sent off the application documentation and completed the online assessment – now we have to ask for your patience. The time it will take for you to receive feedback from us depends on various factors, such as the number of applications that we receive. Our HR department or the Recruiting Center will generally contact you in approximately two to three weeks. 

      In some countries, such as Germany, if you have impressed us with the results of your online assessment, you will be invited to a telephone or web interview.

      In other countries, the final job interview will take place with a representative of the specialist department and an employee from the local HR department. This interview will give us an opportunity to meet you in person and learn more about you. Of course, there will also be enough time in the interview to answer your questions. 


      Most of our open positions are taken care of by our recruiters in our recruiting centers around the world (see map). So don’t be surprised if your first person you virtually meet in the application process is not the same as the person you might meet in your personal interview.

      This phase of the process can take a number of weeks since multiple applicants will usually receive an invitation to a personal interview. We appreciate your understanding on this. After all, in the same way that you are searching for a suitable employer, we would like to find the right person for the job.

      In some locations and for certain jobs, you may be invited to an assessment center before a final interview.

      In the interview, which is often conducted jointly by HR and the department to which you are applying, we’ll talk in more detail about your professional history and competencies and whether you are a good match for the position. We will also tell you a lot more about the position itself. One of our objectives is to gain a better idea of who you are. As you prepare for the interview, reflect on the important milestones in your life as well as what sets you apart from other candidates. The spotlight is on you, so take advantage of this opportunity to leave a lasting, positive impression.

      Our recruiters put together a few tips about the online application here.

      Crossing the Finish Line: Welcome to Continental!

      If the getting acquainted stage goes to everyone’s satisfaction, you will be offered a contract and you can launch your career at Continental.

      Read more about our onboarding here.