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      Tips for Your Application

      Tips for Your Application

      You found your dream job but wonder how to get in? Here are some tips how to higher your chances in the application process by handing in the perfect CV.

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      Cover Letter

      Mostly, the first document recruiters see when they look at your application is the cover letter.

      That’s why there are some really important points you should always keep in mind:

      1. Keep it simple! – one DIN A4 page should be enough
      2. Use the job description! – let it guide you to the content you should emphasize
      3. Show that you have read and understood the job description! – adjust your skills and experience to the role you are applying for
      4. Check grammar and spelling carefully
      5. Second opinions do matter – Ask your family or friends for feedback
      6. Save and upload your file


      At first, the information your CV contains will be the only information recruiter will know about you – so choose your structure wisely

      1. Again: keep the format simple and clear – Your CV should be easy to read and to follow
      2. Showcase who you are – not only your qualifications but also your personal commitments (e. g. volunteering) are important
      3. Common sections – personal and contact information; education and qualifications; work history and/or experience; relevant skills to the job in question; own interests, achievements or hobbies; and some references.
      4. Don´t leave gaps – Recruiters intend to avoid surprises
      5. Review your CV on a regular basis – add any new skills or experiences that are missing
      6. Save and upload your file


      • Prepare yourself: for questions about you, Continental and the specific job
      • Introduce yourself: Do not repeat the whole CV
      • Perform confidently: It’s normal to be a little nervous.