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      Making roads safer

      My job is done when cars have become the better drivers.

      Name: Dr. Anshu Gupta

      Field of Study: Electrical Engineering (Germany)

      Current Position: Group Leader, Front Looking Radar Sensor for ADAS

      Start at Continental: : 2013 in Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (Lindau, Germany)​​​​​​​

      For Anshu, busy traffic during rush hour is a daunting prospect. At Continental, he is responsible for the Radar Algorithm development for Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS). This drives him to find technological solutions that make roads safer for drivers and passengers around the world, whether in Germany or his home country of India.

      In his day-to-day role, Anshu leads a team with stakeholders from across the world with the aim of achieving “Vision Zero”. He considers this to be extremely enriching on a personal level, because he gets to see and learn about many new cultures while being at the forefront of road safety innovations.

      “The biggest motivation is knowing that you’re making something that helps to save people’s lives. If you see the majority of what we have done in the past ten years, we have made huge progress,” he says.

      Does this sound interesting to you? If so, the video will give you more insights about Anshu’s role at Continental. You can also explore our Job Portal for open positions in ADAS.