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      Eine Gruppe von lachenden Personen mit gelben Continental-Schlüsselbändern um den Hals.

      Continental Ambassadors

      Nothing is more convincing than an honest review. This applies not only to products, but also to jobs and working conditions. The Continental Ambassador Program was created to help our colleagues promote the corporate culture and values, but also share insights into our day-to-day lives with interested parties, as brand ambassadors.

      What is the Role of an Ambassador?

      A brand ambassador is passionate about representing a company to the public. In this way, the person creates an authentic interface between the organization and people from outside, giving rise to a win–win situation: potential candidates gain exciting insights into what they can expect from their potential new employer. On the other hand, brand ambassadors themselves gain valuable experience and can expand their network.

      How Does It Work at Continental?

      Over 1,000 of our colleagues now act as brand ambassadors in the Continental Ambassador Program. They report on their working lives, career paths and benefits at Continental at trade fairs and events or on social media. They act as mentors for student projects and at events, give talks at colleges and universities, and represent their department at industry meetings. They also provide potential applicants and ambitious talents with helpful tips for applying to and joining Continental.

      Meet our Ambassadors: Firsthand Experience

      Our ambassadors are proud of their work at Continental and are happy to share their experiences in their private and professional networks. They are open-minded employees who communicate their know-how and expertise to their environment in a friendly way.

      Diversity is embraced both in the Continental Ambassador Program and in the rest of the company. Each of our colleagues has their own personal motivation for participating in the program and derives their own reward from it. Find out more about the personal motivation of our ambassadors here.

      Who better to report on our company and its values-based culture than our Continental Ambassadors? By sharing their expertise with potential new talent, they are helping us build a successful and competitive future. I really appreciate their commitment.
      Dr. Ariane Reinhart
      Chief Human Resources Officer