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      November 29, 2021

      IT Manager says data solutions and the chance to grow make Continental the perfect match

      The perfect match isn’t always obvious. For example, what’s techy about tires? At Continental, digital solutions and sustainability are key to our future growth. As one of the world's largest suppliers of electronics, sensor systems, and software in the mobility industry, our company has a decisive competitive edge. The missing piece? IT needs you.

      I’m a local IT Manager in Mexico City.

      I support the data center and IT infrastructure for our Sales and Marketing teams. The most exciting project I’m being part is to implement robot process automation. We are automating some very large processes – for example, a process that an employee used to do for four hours that now only takes five minutes. Now, employees are able to do more value-added work.

      I am the bridge between the local user and corporate, because sometimes the local user doesn’t know the IT corporate guidelines in order to adopt or use some technology. So, I know the guidelines and processes we need to follow, as we say “think global, act local”.

      My professional experience is based in SAP and Continental has a strong SAP organization.

      That’s one reason why the company has been a perfect match for me since I joined 12 years ago. Once I started to work here and understand the company and its culture, the more I knew it was the perfect match. I had worked in two big companies prior to Continental, but I knew early on that this company is different.

      Every year brings new projects, new ideas, new functionalities, and I admire how all the locations across the globe are connected. It’s like our orchestra. Every single employee has a task that is important. I can see how people are moving around the world and have an impact.

      I see opportunities to grow at Continental, too.

      The IT organization within Tires is large. We have different paths that we can follow if you would like to get an opportunity to be part of Tires IT organization. Those opportunities will present themselves. Continental ensures to guide employees be the owners of their careers and the company cares about their employees.

      If I were to tell you why you should work at Continental, it’s because the company gives you wide possibilities to grow professionally.

      We’re looking for people who can adapt to change quickly and embrace the freedom to act within a broad set of guidelines – and people who embrace our core values, like Freedom to act, my favorite. You are given the freedom to initiate and find mentors. Somebody can help you create an idea and turn it into something real.


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