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      November 29, 2021

      Flexibility, plus global colleagues is a perfect match for this Senior SAP Specialist

      The perfect match isn’t always obvious. For example, what’s techy about tires? At Continental, digital solutions and sustainability are key to our future growth. As one of the world's largest suppliers of electronics, sensor systems, and software in the mobility industry, our company has a decisive competitive edge. The missing piece? IT needs you.

      I have been with Continental since 2005.

      That was when Continental acquired the company that I had been working for since 1999, when I graduated from university. So, I’ve basically been with the same company for 22 years.

      My daily work is dealing with all things related to SAP.

      I was a software developer supporting a legacy application running on an Oracle platform before Continental setup a regional SAP support team in APAC.   In 2005, there was a decision to rollout Tire SAP system to Malaysia, I was invited to be the members of TEMPO rollout project and that was when I started my career with SAP.

      I am team member under the finance and controlling module in the competence center, Sales, Logistics and Finance.  My main task is supporting incident management and change management on our Global SAP system, TEMPO. My primary support region is all the sales and production companies in APAC. However I am also supporting incident or change requests from other regions, such as EMEA and AMEA, when needed.

      Other than the normal daily operational support, it is my responsibility to support SAP related rollout projects in the region. Initially, my role was a  project team member. After gaining some experience, I became the project module team lead, and eventually IT Project Manager. I have successfully implemented eight projects for the APAC region since 2017.

      There are many reasons why Continental is the perfect match for me.

      It simply is the best employer with the best employees in the best location for me. The benefits offered by Continental are great compared to other companies in Malaysia.

      Being member of the global team, we often have the meeting organized in off-working hours.  For me, as a mother and a wife, it is important for me to have a flexible work style so that my work will not affect my private life.  I feel very fortunate that my manager believes in work-life balance. He provided the team the flexibility to adjust our working hours and gives us full trust that we can continue deliver quality results with this flexible work style.  I’m very appreciative of this since most of companies in Malaysia are not supporting flexible work style, even after pandemic. For me, this is really satisfying.

      Continental invests in my learning and career development, too.

      I’ve never had a challenge finding opportunities to learn and grow.  Internal and external technical trainings such as SAP courses are planned based on skills required. Continental also provides us with some training on soft skills, including a leadership program that helps me understand how to lead myself. The company is very autonomous that way.

      If you’re a person who likes to work with colleagues from around the world, Continental is a perfect match for you.

      This job sometimes requires travel. Therefore, you must be able to travel at times and be comfortable working with others. Besides, if you are a person who likes travelling, this will give you opportunities to visit other countries, learn their culture, working style, and get to know their native language. Most interesting is making new friends and sharing stories and hobbies.

      While working with others is important, you also need to be able to work independently.

      To work independently in my role, I need to have wide knowledge on the SAP system so that I can provide support to the APAC region. I am given the freedom to act to execute my tasks and make decision based on my best judgement. However, I always know that I have the global team supporting me when needed.

      Every day is something new in IT at Continental.

      The stability of the company, different challenges, meeting new people, helping others with new problem-solving methods, and the satisfaction of helping users makes me feel great about working at Continental.

      That, combined with the benefits, the working culture, and the training opportunities, are reasons why you should consider working for our company.


      Senior SAP Specialist