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      November 04, 2021

      Labas from Kaunas!

      In 2020, one year after the start of production, I took up my position as line manager at the Kaunas plant. In the early days, employees were primarily concerned with practicing the work processes and delivering the highest quality. We have a refreshingly dynamic atmosphere here and a young and eager workforce.

      I am also glad that our team is very diverse. The ratio of women to men is 40:60 – that’s a high proportion of women. And our plant employs people from 13 different countries. This makes cooperation very interesting, because we share cultural experiences and learn from each other. This diversity contributes to our growth both professionally and personally.

      Diversity of tasks

      To start the working day, I discuss the schedules and upcoming tasks with the team. Currently, my direct team consists of two colleagues. We are hiring staff for the line management and the operation of the systems. I sit in on the interviews to help with candidate selection.

      My team wants to move from sample production to volume production this year. I am responsible for preparation of the production line – that includes the procurement of materials, the verification of the ordered raw materials and the commissioning of the line. I also control our performance data and write reports for my supervisor and for customers I meet with.

      European Capital of Culture 2022

      Kaunas is the second largest city in Lithuania, with around 300,000 inhabitants. It is located where the two largest rivers in the country meet. I was born and raised here and started my professional career in Kaunas. I’m a real local!

      For visitors, I recommend the imposing Kaunas Castle, the Town Hall and the historical center with its cafés, restaurants and souvenir shops. When it comes to food, the Donut Café on Laisves Aleja is the cutest place in town. Locals and tourists love it! The surroundings of Kaunas are very green. I enjoy cycling and hiking in the forest on the weekends. One of my favorite trails called Pažaislis passes the beautiful Kaunas Lagoon and a Baroque monastery.

      Kaunas is also a very lively university town that radiates a lot of energy. In 2022, as the European Capital of Culture, it will host more than 300 cultural events throughout the year. We locals are proud of Kaunas’ transformation from a very nostalgic place to a growing city that believes in its future.

      Gold Star For Green Achievements

      In the end I would also like to share with you the fact that Kaunas is the first Continental plant in the world to receive the highest rating for environmentally friendly construction. The prestigious “Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design” (LEED) gold certification recognizes the exemplary role of the site building, which meets the highest sustainability standards in energy efficiency and design. This is something we are very proud of. It is a recognition of the high level of environmentally friendly planning, construction and operations at the Kaunas plant.

      This article was written by our employee.

      Edita Poceviciute

      Line Leader