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      March 18, 2022

      Once Continental, always Continental.

      From the banks of the Faculty of Engineering of the "Lucian Blaga" University of Sibiu, directly in the major projects carried out by Continental Sibiu. Daniel Silea started his career in Continental Sibiu in 2006, when, being in his last year at the Faculty of Engineering, he applied for an engineering position within the company. From submitting his CV to signing the employment contract, there was only one more step. For 10 years, Daniel was part of the Continental Sibiu team occupying various positions, but at some point, he felt the need for a change, this time outside the company. However, this change did not last long, and after 4 years away from Continental, he decided to return.

      How the journey started in Continental Sibiu

      Together with a college colleague, we decided to submit our CVs to Continental Sibiu, then shortly I was called for an interview for the position of Supplier Quality Engineer. Having the opportunity during the interview to see the technologies and products made in the company, I realized that Continental is the ideal place for a young engineer and signing the employment contract turned out to be a mere formality. I realized that this is where I can develop professionally. I started in Continental Sibiu as a Supplier Quality Engineer (SQM), and the activity developed and in a short time I became Team Leader SQM for the Continental Sibiu location. And, because I was saying from the beginning that here, I felt that I could develop professionally, after 9 years of leading SQM, I felt the need for a career change, so I applied for the position of Quality Category Manager for wiring, also with Continental’s worldwide suppliers. With this new position, I was able to apply everything I had learned over time in more interesting processes and vendor improvement programs. Also, a challenge proved to be the coordination of the international team with more than 50% of new people.

      All the challenges and lessons I have learned over time

      Time passed, the projects took their natural course, but the challenges were not lacking in my work. Of the most cherished projects, I remember the DQ200 - the project of the electronic dual-clutch transmission unit, in which I was involved from the beginning. Experts from all relevant fields were involved in this project and by working in interdisciplinary teams we were able to have a more robust product in the generations that followed in the DQ200. I could write a book with what challenges I faced and what were the lessons learned. Although the challenges at work were all the time, I think the biggest was coordinating the team as a leader. At first, there were small oppositions related to my level of experience as a leader, but after several open discussions, the projects began to take their natural course. At the same time, we stressed to the team their importance and the fact that we have a lot to learn together. After that time, we started to be more focused on activities, we started to go out occasionally and all this had a positive impact on productivity and success within my team.

      Although I do not deny that over the 10 years, there have been even more difficult moments, I have not let them overshadow the satisfaction of my work and the pleasant memories that I have with the workplace. My most beautiful memory is from the time when I led the international team and organized a workshop for professional development at the suppliers in Europe. It was a successful workshop with activities that helped the professional development of the colleagues and, at the same time, improved the interaction in the team as well, despite the cultural differences.

      Departure and return to Continental Sibiu

      After more than 10 years spent in Continental Sibiu, I inevitably felt the need for a change, but this time outside the company. I had been working there for more than a decade and felt it was time for a new challenge. I left the team in 2018, but 4 years later I returned to Continental. The experience of a great work environment has brought me back, where colleagues help each other, provide support, and collaborate productively. I also came back because the employees are respected, and I think this is one of the important elements in the organization's culture. If employees feel respected at work, they will be more involved in their activities and are willing to recommend others to join the Continental Sibiu team.

      Plans for the future?

      Well, here the list is long, but I aim to take them gradually, to focus on my professional development so that in the end I will be proud of what I have been able to achieve. First of all, I set out to give a boost to my networking skills, and then I intend to continue with my professional development to bring added value to the team and the company through the expertise I have. My personal goal is that when I look back on my career, I will be proud of what I have achieved and the fact that I have tried to do everything as best I can so that I have no regrets.

      What would you recommend to people who are thinking of leaving the company?

      "If they have found a hobby from which to be monitored, then go ahead! But if they have not yet found their motivation, that thing to do with pleasure, it is better to turn to a counselor before making the choice. There are many opportunities in Continental to help the employee in their personal and professional development, but you need to "open your eyes and talk to specialized people for what you are looking for".


      This article was written by our employee.

      Daniel Silea

      Global Quality Project Leader