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      A New Meaning to the Colour: Orange
      September 07, 2017

      A New Meaning to the Colour: Orange

      Hello everyone! Thank you for taking an interest in what I am about to share on People@Continental!

      I am Gabriel Wan from Continental Business Consulting and I would like to share my journey so far in Continental! T0 put it simply, my CBC experience so far is represented by the colour, ORANGE, but not in a way you imagine.

      So how does my CBC experience add up so far? Just like Red + Yellow = Orange! This two primary colours combines to form the colour, Orange!
      So you may ask why does the colours, Red and Yellow describe my CBC Experience so far?

      RED: Energy
      The colour, Red symbolizes energy, strong spirit and a strong sense of passion!
      Joining CBC in April 2017 has been such a great learning experience and a great opportunity to meet first hand, colleagues who have extensive experiences within the Continental Business Units and external companies as well. We were given a great opportunity to travel to Berlin, Germany to attend our Annual Strategy Dialogue. We met colleagues who travelled from various locations and shared many great stories working with our multinational colleagues worldwide. Truly, my onboarding experience with CBC was such an exciting one when we got to travel to Berlin to meet the whole team with various expertise and experiences.

      YELLOW: Friendliness and Warm
      The colour, Yellow describes a sense of friendliness and warmth. It perfectly describes how my CBC colleagues are and how we in turn, approach our clients as well. As in house consultants, we aim to be at the forefront in providing the best consultancy service not only in terms of capability but the ability to understand the problems and needs of our clients. Since joining CBC in April 2017, I had a lot of opportunities meeting clients and travelling to one of our Continental location in Icheon, South Korea. I learnt that the ability to be warm and understanding to our clients on first impression helps build that trust and commitment between each other. One of our Korean clients even mentioned that despite the differences in language and country culture, we still felt that we are the same in mindset and work culture! It was truly an amazing experience that I believe only Continental can achieve! With that in mind, it definitely made the trip to Icheon great with the project progressing successfully.

      ORANGE:  Joy and Creativity
      Lastly, with the two colours, red and yellow combined, we form our Continental Orange. To me, orange gave me a whole new meaning in my time here with CBC. It has given me great JOY whenever I see how the work I do help improve processes here especially in the Research and Development areas. Using Agile Methodology has offered new perspectives into the complex everyday work that our colleagues are going through and helping them visualize, prioritize and achieve better success with their projects. This has transformed the way I carry out my daily tasks as well and has certainly made a great impact in my lifestyle. In the process, it has cultivated my hunger for creativity in providing effective solutions to our Continental employees, creating new ways and ideas of doing things.

      Concluding, my CBC experience so far has been, no doubt, a steep learning curve but it has beeen extremely stimulating and vibrant in the interactions and projects we do on a daily basis!

      If you have any questions on what we provide at CBC, do contact me or anyone of us!


      This article was written by our employee.

      Gabriel Wan