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      AHOJ from Zvolen
      September 09, 2019

      AHOJ from Zvolen

      Hi everyone, my name is Jana Michelova (36) and  I’m Innovation Manager in my Slovakian hometown Zvolen.

      What I like most about my job

      My job involves making processes more efficient and eliminating waste. I’ve been working here for two years and it’s a great environment. We’re expanding our production and like Regensburg in Germany we’re now a model plant for Industry 4.0 activity. That makes Zvolen one of Continental’s most modern plants worldwide, which is an incredible opportunity.

      In addition, I would describe my colleagues as very dedicated, motivated people with lots of potential. As a workplace, it’s a perfect fit for me – I find working with such a dynamic team very inspiring.

      What makes Zvolen so special

      I was born and raised in Zvolen, which has about 45,000 residents. The town’s biggest advantage is its location, surrounded by mountains in the heart of Europe. Probably almost everybody from Zvolen can either ski or skate! In winter the town center has a big open-air skating rink. And we live for ice hockey: there’s a great local team, lots of people play as a hobby, and one of the town’s elementary schools even teaches ice hockey. In warmer weather you see families going for coffee along the car-free main street, which is the second longest in Europe. Hiking in the nearby mountains is another popular weekend activity when the weather’s nice.

      What Continental contributes to Zvolen

      Zvolen’s natural setting is so beautiful. That’s why I’m delighted that Continental is working hard to protect the environment with programs such as our workplace cafeteria’s plastic-free initiative. Many of my colleagues live close enough to walk to work, and some commute by bike or motorcycle in summer. People drive to work too but we don’t really get traffic jams here.


      This article was written by our employee.

      Jana Michelova

      Innovation Manager